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Guido Dorigo, was a craftsman and a carpenter who used to handcraft doors, windows and furniture relying on his own resources.

After the number of his employees increased, GD DORIGO started to do painting, jambs production and every job related to the finished product.

Falegname metre lavora il legno Guido Dorigo ritratto in bianco e nero

Guido Dorigo


GD Dorigo was founded as small industry specialized in the doors construction.

At the very beginning the company used to be a carpenters’ supplier. We used to deliver semifinished products and finished doors. GD DORIGO’s only production unit was located at the old factory in Soligo. The machines were not efficient enough to fulfil a great delivery capacity, but it was also undeniable that the company had some aces up the sleeve. It was indeed a healthy company and GD DORIGO’s owners were forward-looking people who wanted to step up their game, thanks to their previous experiences, their determination and initiative. Once we realised that the company was not properly equipped to meet the market demand, we decided to trigger a real revolutionary improvement.

Copertina volantino 1981 Copertina catalogo 1981 Illustrazione premio Mercurio d'Oro 1980


First conventions

In 1985 our participation into our sector conventions began. We were at Bologna SIAE 2 for 27 years in a row as well as at other international conventions.

Since 1985 we had the chance to see products and solutions offered by our Italian competitors. We were the first company to exhibit inlaid doors at SIAE.

Every year we tried to widen our exposing corner. This improvement was gradual and brought us to the large booth that we are now able to book for the exhibitions.

Fotografia raffigurante lo stand in una feria nel 1985 Fotografia raffigurante lo stand in una seconda feria nel 1985 Fotografia raffigurante lo stand in una terza feria nel 1985


Porta Sole

Porta Sole in one of the most unique models that we produce. Its name comes from the inlay created over the surface, which highlights the craftsmen skills. It immediately gained the interest of the customers and it still does.

Pubblicità raffigurante la porta 'Sole' nel 1990. Uno dei modelli di punta della GD Dorigo.


Commercial network expands over Italy

At the beginning of the nineties the production became more organised. The turnover increased remarkably. We managed to extend our commercial network all over Italy and everyone could find a GD DORIGO door from the Alpes to Sicily.

Customers loved our products. After spreading our business in Italy, we looked to the foreign market. We attended many international conventions and events, from Thessaloniki to Germany.

Illustrazione raffigurante la cartina geografica dell'Italia con idicata la rete commerciale nella penisola.


Opening of the new headquarters with a surface of 11000 sqm

After entering the new headquarters, we industrialised the whole production system. That revealed to be essential to further develop the company. Production lines were now in a building that could manage the revolutionary improvements we were undertaking..

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Fire doors REI

Fire doors are the ideal solution for public locations such as hotels, residences, companies and all those contexts where attention and respect of the regulations is required.


Beginning of a domestic production of jambs, finishing lists and baseboards in a second production unit of 3000 sqm.

GD DORIGO continues to pursue the highest quality and to increase its activity control. That allowed the company to start producing all those semifinished products people used to buy elsewhere.



From the year 2000 the market underwent a radical transformation. At that time, the first showrooms appeared mainly in Lombardy and Piedmont, in the largest cities such as Milan and Turin. Step by step the showroom trend spread all over our region. The first retailers appeared, and we could not just stare.

In 2000, Cyprus and Greece markets turned to be as refurbished as Italy. At the same time, the Russian market was flourishing, despite its opening was slower due to its position at the borders of the European Union.

Thanks to the showrooms, product presentations got simpler, and managed to transform the door from a furniture element into a design object.



GD DORIGO was one of the first companies to certify the items sold on the door market. This is a secret we like to reveal while we tell our story.


Quality management certification


Resistance of edges to water
Resistance to light
Resistance to washing
Resistance to wet-dry cycles


Doors Planet
Laminate doors

A collection of modern and traditional doors, produced with advanced materials and technologies, different finishing types, and colours. A range of assembled solutions combining precision, taste, design, and expertise. These doors express how the different essences of wood can be faithfully reproduced by adding more resistant layers to abrasions or scratches. Easy to clean, unchangeable and indestructible in the time. Only those who look for a ground-breaking production can understand these values.


Cooperation with Giaguaro

IKI collection by Giaguaro might be our most remarkable result as a company. It comes with an extremely ambitious project we made to highlight the product’s quality, trigger the market’s attention, and make the company famous.

Catalogo Giugiaro


Opening of the third production unit of 11000 sqm

After enlarging the products range required by the market and due to the increasing demand for immediate deliveries, we had to consider a further expansion of the productive area and of the logistic warehouse

2005 - Falzè


Technical design solutions

Pocket doors and ground-breaking finish got extended to new models.

Thanks to IKI collection in 2004, the door turns into a design element. We begin to use pocket doors provided with technical, aesthetic, and innovative solutions.


Partnership with Raimondo Sandri

Raimondo Sandri was art director and designer for many famous Italian brands. Thanks to its creativeness we produced ART collection turning the house into an art gallery as well as ZEN collection reminding of natural elements and oriental fascination through its laser engravings.

Sandri Catalogue GD Catalogue 2010


30 years of research, planning, and innovation

In 2011 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. At that time, GD DORIGO boasted 80 employees spread among the three production units.


Eterea, Luca and Pratika collections

GD Dorigo has begun a journey into the design world that brought to the creation of Eterea, Luce and Pratika collections. Not simple wood doors, but design and furnishing creations created with modern materials such as aluminium as well as light and smart systems to decorate and optimize all interior ambiences.

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Company awareness and new communication style

Company Profile Factory Profile Motivational Leaflet


Professional door

GD Dorigo has begun a journey into the world of Civil, Industrial, Commercial and Public Buildings realizing the interior doors collection named STEEL, METAL, ALUMINIUM and PLASTIC intended for hospitals, private clinics, schools, etc. Not simple wood doors, but technical doors for professional use to better respond to the needs of hygiene and mechanical resistance. The use of solid materials guarantees a high durability in time according to legal regulations.


Takeover of DOOR 2000

The range of products offered on the market was extended after taking over a very sound brand that had been present on the national and foreign door market for long.


Roberto Santi

In 2006, the architect Roberto Santi developed a passion for experimenting new aluminium working techniques, linked to the world of art and engraving. In 2015, he met Raffaele and Roberto Bernardi and they decided to move this ambitious project forward. So, they created Eban 4.0 team. Thanks to their expertise, they used this improved technique to start drawing and realizing together a new collection composed of single and exclusive pieces - wood furnishing pieces completely covered by Corten effect metal sheets. In 2016, during a GD Dorigo meeting, they had the idea to create a new door harnessing the same principle. This is how XITE was born, a wood door lined with metal.


Expansion of the third production unit of further 9000 sqm

n 2018 we kept growing as a company through the expansion of the third production unit of further 9000 sqm getting to a total surface of 35000 sqm covered.

This improvement happened simultaneously to another substantial production upgrade getting even more flexible and efficient to provide an increasingly higher quality.


Hotel Catalogue

Public ambiences’ security, such as hotels, residences, offices, hospitals, schools, and community centre, is compulsory and regulated by the Italian ministerial legislation 09.04.94.

New Venus Collection:

Engravings turn the door into a piece of art.

Plain, engraved doors decorated by pantograph in delicate pastel colours. A new line with new shades. VENUS keeps the same rigour and sobriety than the plain doors, enriched by engravings and decorations by pantograph.

Home Door catalogue Hotel Door Catalogue Venus Catalogue


New GD Dorigo Collection

Our latest Collection Accademia is born in partnership with the students of Accademia delle Belle Arti of Verona, that took part of the contest promoted at the beginning of the year. Accademia counts the three winning models of the contest: Warp, Galassie and Made in Italy.

Discover the models leafing through the new dedicated catalogue.

Catalogue Accademia

ADI INDEX 2021 Selectioned

The industrial group GD DORIGO/DOOR 2000 has conquered the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2021 Selection thanks to the project 5D DOORS in partnership with the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Verona.


GD Dorigo arrive in tv: on Mediaset and on LA7. Protagonist of the campaign is the door of the new collection WARP, first classified during the contest promoted at the beginning of the year by GD DORIGO together with Accademia delle Belle Arti of Verona.


Attendance at the ADI Compasso d'Oro award:

The oldest but the most authoritative world design award was created with the aim of highlighting the value and quality of Italian design products.

50 years of activity 1972 – 10 September 2022

From an artisan activity to an important industrial reality without distorting our essence, being a family-run company extremely attached to the territory, to our one hundred collaborators, suppliers and customers.